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What is coaching and who needs a coach

Updated: May 24, 2023

The most successful people in the world all have coaches. Even coaches have coaches. Why? The main reason is because it's virtually impossible to be totally objective about ourselves. A coach helps us see ourselves in ways that we never could. He helps us see opportunities where we see problems or obstacles. She helps us find our own solutions by aiding us in looking at our situation from new and different perspectives. As it is said:

"Two heads are better than one."

The other reason coaching is so powerful is accountability. When we are accountable to another person we are more likely to take action and follow through than if we are only accountable to ourselves. You make an action plan with your coach, and when she speaks with you at the next session she will be expecting you to have followed through on what you said you would do.

Exactly How Will a Coach Assist You?

A coach is a partner who:

  • Listens to you, supports you, helps you help yourself and prays for you *Enables you to see what’s holding you back and what to do to overcome those obstacles

  • Keeps you on track

  • Assists you in making lasting positive changes in your life that would be difficult to make on your own.

  • Helps you connect with your calling in life, with your mission, with goals that are really meaningful for you.

  • Helps you overcome the doubts, fears and negativity that may be impeding your progress.

  • Gives you time tested success strategies that work both for your spiritual and material life.

  • Believes in your inherent potential to be materially and spiritually successfully.

  • Keeps all information about you strictly confidential.

In short, a coach will help you succeed in your chosen area by finding solutions that exactly meet your needs.

Coaching works because your coach continues to work with you, support you, and believe in even when you feel like you’ll never reach your goals. Many successful people report that they would have given up long before they achieved success if they didn’t have a coach behind them, rooting for them, pointing out the next step, showing them how close they are getting to success; in other words, giving them another positive perspective. If you are not where you really want to be it is probably because you are trying to do it all alone.

Mahatma Das


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