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Dmitrijs Randars (Damodar Svarup das) has been learning & practicing bhakti-yoga since 2007. Originally from Latvia.

He has Bachelor and Engineer degrees in Business Administration which enabled him to start a career in Quality Assurance and later on in Learning & Development.

While living and traveling in India between 2013 and 2014 he acquired a Bhakti Sastri degree in yoga philosophy and psychology.

Later in 2014 Dmitrijs established the first UK branch of College of Vedic Studies (Bhaktivedanta Manor) in Central London where he was coordinating and teaching bhakti-yoga courses and events until 2016.

Later in 2016 he moved to Switzerland and in 2017 started organizing Vedic events for bhakti-yoga communities in Zurich and Basel. In 2021, being a co-founder, he established the first international branch of College of Vedic Studies outside of the UK in Zurich, Switzerland where he until now manages and coordinates trainings, courses and events.

In 2022 took initiation from his teacher in the bhakti-yoga tradition.

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