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Summer Courses

Join our upcoming summer courses!

We are very happy and excited to invite you to our series of Summer Courses at Zürich College of Vedic Studies featuring amazing guest speakers and facilitators from Europe and USA.


Join us by registering soon! The amount of seats for the events is limited.

Sound in Hatha-yoga Meditation

Hatha-yoga is known for its exercises for physical fitness. What is less known for most practitioners today is that Hatha-yoga also has a whole toolkit designed to support meditation. The medieval texts on Hatha-yoga extol the virtues of sound in meditation.

Sound in Hatha-yoga (Facebook Event Cover).png

Wisdom Talks (Q&A): Finding your purpose

We are very excited to have our guest His Holiness S.B. Keshava Swami. In this Q&A session we will be discussing the topic of Finding your purpose as well as spiritual life in general.

Wisdom Talks - Keshava Swami (Facebook Event Cover).png

Career Dharma: The Natural Art of Work

Not sure what your nature is, and how to find a matching career where your work is your dharma? Gain an overview of the nine principles of dharma in work so that you can move towards having a satisfying career that is the best expression of yourself.

Career Dharma (Facebook Event Cover).png
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