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Upcoming Events

  • 04 Aug, 19:00 – 06 Oct, 20:00
    We are happy to start with another round of our Power Series. Power Series is all about embarking on a journey through ten Power Topics designed to unearth a well of timeless Vedic wisdom that will enrich your life
  • 09 Sept, 15:00 – 28 Oct, 16:00
    In this weekly Mridanga for beginners course you will learn the basics of playing Mridanga
  • 21 Sept, 18:30 – 13 Oct, 20:30
    Wisdom derived from the Madhurya Kadambini book enables one to be more honest about spiritual life, gives deep insights about obstacles on the path and empowers to overcome them. Most importantly it inspires to continue the wonderful spiritual journey with great determination and enthusiasm.

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