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Power Series

Revise life's essential themes with a holistic Vedic perspective



Explore the 5 Main Topics of Bhagavad-gita


Gita Life

Deep dive into the powerful lessons from Gita to transform your life


Bhakti Life

Learn to apply the foundational teachings of the Gita

Power Series is all about embarking on a journey through ten Power Topics designed to unearth a well of timeless Vedic wisdom that will enrich your life.

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Whether you’re a seeker or have found your spiritual path, Discover will enlighten your worldview with a philosophical framework. With its five-subject insight on the Gita, the course will offer perspective and clarity for life, whatever your vocation, profession or ambition.

Deep dive into the timeless masterpiece of spiritual wisdom and discover the powerful lessons to transform your life.

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Bhakti Life.png

Bhakti Life offers a transformative journey into the heart of devotion, enriching every aspect of your life with the timeless wisdom of Bhakti-yoga.

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